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Tiding is the Magazine of Business Hanse e.V. The first editions be published as a print magazine. Since July 2017, Tiding has been published as an internet magazine.

By the way: “Tidinge” were the messages enclosed by Hanse merchants with each of their merchant letters in the Middle Ages. The German word for newspaper (“Zeitung”) derived from it. In English, the term is known as well: “Tidings” is an old-fashioned expression for “latest news”.

The Business Hanse e.V. is an association of companies, institutions, cities and trade and industry promoters who have set themselves a goal: to elevate economic cooperation in globalised markets to a new ethical niveau based on shared values such as trust, responsibility and partnership.

European pioneer with Hanseatic tradition
The new Business HANSE represents traditional values ​​in modern business life. It is an international network of business and science, of business promoters and business associations. Its members regard themselves as “respectable merchants” of modern times.

The Business Alliance HANSE, formerly known as the Merchants’ HANSE, was a signet of quality, trust and fairness in trade relations. Even today the positive character traits of the “honorable merchant”, who keeps his word and for whom the respectability is the basis for doing business, is inseparably tied to the brand of the HANSE.

In former times a statute book of the Business HANSE was released, defining specific codes of conduct for the merchants. Thus all business transacted under this seal vouched for mutual trust, reliability, respect and honorable trade.

We reactivated these values for the modern age by the foundation of the Business HANSE on 13th June 2013 in Herford.

Especially now, in times when globalization, economic crisis and electronic cross-linking seem to be predominant in economic life, we are convinced that the return to the old, down-to-earth values of the HANSE will mark a significant counterpoint.

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